Our goal

We want to contribute to conserving the Maasai Mara ecosystem, its rich wildlife and culture through interdisciplinary research and development initiatives.


Photo: Wang Li

2020.01.17 | Research news

Research shows accelerating degradation of vegetation in the Mara ecosystem

The Mara ecosystem is heavily threatened, but conservation management can counteract negative trends. This is one of the conclusions of the newly published research article by an international team of researchers, all members of the research network of the Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative.

2019.10.02 | Research news

Master Thesis Results: Mara North grazing system secures plant species richness and grass-dwelling insect diversity

Master thesis by David Bækby Houborg, Aarhus University shows that with a rotational grazing system, the conservancy supports wildlife populations as well as a recovery period of 5 months for the plant species richness and insect diversity.

2019.10.02 | Knowledge exchange

Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative is featured in the magazine

Today the Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative is featured with an article in the magazine, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The article (in Danish) is describing our partnership across Danish-Kenyan universities, NGOs, companies and the local community in the Mara as a good example of how partnerships can…

Photo: Dennis Pedersen

2019.10.02 | Research news

MMSDI Management group meets at Aarhus University

Tuesday 27 August, 2019 the board and secretariat of the Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative met at Aarhus University, celebrating the 5 year anniversary of our Initiative and the more than 20 research and development projects that have been initiated.

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